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do you believe in magic?

mixed media - 2015



ART-TRACES across the Western Front

POELKAPELLE, belgium   ART-TRACES across the Western Front

groupexhibition to mark the first gas attacks that took place on 22 april 1915 in poelkapelle, belgium.

for this exhibition I created coloringpages based on the studies that picasso made for guernica. although guernica marks the start of a different war then the one that is being remembered in this exhibition, I feel that the image of guernica has become a symbol for all tragedies that are inflicted by war.
these coloringpages reexamine the power of guernica. the image still serves as a warning and a rememberance, but also creates a positive gesture when colored in by children.

the exhition is curated by hilde van canneyt and oswald fieuw. it features works by Lee Ranaldo (sonic youth), Fred Bervoets en Pjeroo Robjee, Leo Copers, Peter Morrens, Karel Dierickx, Jan van Imschoot, Tom Woestenborghs, Agnes Maes, Tom Liekens, Paul Gees, Steve Schepens, Renato Nicolodi, Ben Benaouisse, Griet Dobbels, Sebastian Moldovan, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Conny Kuilboer, Ben Kruisdijk, Daan Gielis, Athar Jaber, Godfried Vervisch, Sven Verhaeghe, Anne Vanoutryve, Jeroen Mylle, Gilbert Degryse, Trees Le Roy, Thomas Eggermont, Freddy Cappon, Michaël Depestele, Gino Lucas, Oswald Fieuw, Dirk Clement

more information can be found on

ART-TRACES across the Western Front exhibition catalogue.
designed by design sense.

de Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015

De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015 toont elke dag het werk van een andere hedendaagse Amsterdamse kunstenaar. Deze bijzondere kunstkalender biedt een podium aan gerenommeerde én aanstormende kunstenaars, designers, grafisch vormgevers, modeontwerpers, fotografen en architecten. Door zijn afwijkende maat en eigentijdse inhoud is deze kalender interessant voor de kunstliefhebber, maar ook voor de Amsterdammer die zich wil laten verrassen door het veelzijdige aanbod van de lokale kunsten.

De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender is een initiatief van Kantoor Kraaij en wordt uitgegeven door Trichis Publishing

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miscellaneous lines

MISCELLANEOUS LINES reveals a network of ideas and creates an open playing-field in which the connections between the individual works of art is exposed as far as the content is concerned. Concepts and materials relate to each other in a new way, content emerges by the interaction between the works and the space.
The result is not clear-cut and will be determined by the possibilities of choice which an undecided something is part of. The artists are interested in the way this undecided can be exploited and realised. From this almost tactile process an other constellation comes into existence in which new and (modifi ed) existing works have to relate to each other in various disciplines like painting, installations, assemblies, spatial interventions and works with social operandi.

featuring: ben kruisdijk, conny kuilboer, sibylle eimermacher, henrik kröner and sjoerd westbroek

duration: 12 april 2015 - 10 may 2015

opening on 12 april - 17.00 hours

Winschoterkade 10
9711 EA Groningen (NL)


borg biennial event for contemporary art 2014

BORG 2014 is an initiative of the district of Borgerhout (Belgium), Thierry Vandenbussche (stilll gallery/Outlandish), Bart Vanderbiesen (Base Alpha Gallery),
Bart Verschueren (independent artistic coördinator), Pieter Vermeulen (independent curator) and Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx (Hole Of The Fox).

duration: 19 september 2014 - 5 october 2014

locations of borg 2014:

1. Postgebouw, Jaak de Braeckeleerstraat 13
2. Vooruitzicht, Turnhoutsebaan 186
3. Peperbus, Sint-Jan Evangelistkerk, Sint-Mattheusstraat 1 B
4. Hal, Bleekhofstraat 22
5. Districtshuis, Moorkensplein 1
6. Red Fish Factory, Helmstraat 139
7. PARK, Koolstraat 15

more information can be found at

kruisdijk / kuilboer @ watou 2014

this summer the art festival watou sets up camp for the 34th time in the art village watou, near the french border. poets and visual artists, upcoming talent and established values, works of art from belgium and abroad all find their place on our exceptional art trail. the village is the setting and this offers about ten characteristic locations as exposition rooms: a former monastery, an old farm or the cellar of a brewery. the interaction between these surprising, nostalgic rooms and the contemporary art and poetry each time creates a unique experience.

duration: 5 july 2014 - 31 august 2014

watouplein 12
8978 watou
poperinge (be) mechelen

vincent verbist // actionfields projects mechelen
mechelen (be)

duration: 25 june 2014 - 29 june 2014
duo exhibition with jeroen de nijs.

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copyright ben kruisdijk 2015